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The Lexile® Framework for Reading is a scientific, standardised approach to measuring text difficulty and reading development on the same scale. The Lexile Framework puts both texts and students on the same developmental scale as a means to accurately match readers with reading materials. The Lexile scale is an equal-interval scale used to measure an individual’s reading ability and the text demand of reading materials.

The Lexile Framework for Reading ensures that the match between ability and text complexity is appropriate. An increasingly broad range of reading material, including fiction and nonfiction books, textbooks, periodicals, and websites are measured on the Lexile scale, ensuring that students of all ages have access to reading material aligned to their level. Additionally, Lexile measures are a powerful tool for linking assessment with instruction across the curriculum, at school, and at home. Lexile measures help educators set measureable goals, monitor and evaluate reading programmes, and easily track progress in reading growth.

Lexile measures are reported on the Lexile scale and are represented by a number followed by the letter “L” (i.e. 1000L). The Lexile scale ranges from below 200L for emergent readers and texts, to above 1600L, for advanced readers and materials.


Lexile Reader Measures

A Lexile reader measure describes an individual’s reading level. By working with more than 65 of the leading reading assessment programme providers across the world to incorporate and link the Lexile scale into their systems, the Lexile Framework adds supplemental value to on-going classroom assessments. Every year, tens of millions of individuals from over 180 countries receive Lexile measures off of more than 65 popular reading assessments and programmes. Lexile measures enables granular growth monitoring across the academic life of a learner. Lexile measures can also be used to monitor progress towards university and career readiness.

Lexile Text Measures

A Lexile text measure is a valuable piece of information about the difficulty of a text, and over 100 million books, articles and websites have been assigned a Lexile measure. The Lexile Analyzer® utilises a proprietary algorithm to examine the semantic and syntactic features of a text. Texts with lower Lexile measures are less complex; and texts with higher Lexile measures are more complex.

Today, Lexile measures are recognised as the world’s most widely used reading metric. They are powerful tools for connecting learners of all ages with materials at the optimal level of challenge and for monitoring progress toward meaningful reading goals and standards.